About Philip Tomlinson | omlinson

About omlinson

This is my digital lab.

Ecommerce Lab

I discovered button magnet making while hanging out with a friend at my library's Fab Lab.

Perfect hobby to start a small ecom business with minimal capital investment.

It's become a simple Jamstack powered by Gatsby and Google Sheets.

You can find source code on Github

Current Goals

  • Basic SEO lol
  • Leverage PIM improvements on front-end
  • Build navigation filters

Social Media Bots

I've started working on some GPT powered social media bots. You can see the progress on my Instagram.

Current Goals

  • Launch v2 of bot in production with an automate story everyday using Stability AI image-to-video GPT
  • Solve the music / audio problem. OpenAI text-to-voice not good enough.
  • Get v3 video generator running with Stability AI animation GPT
  • Update public repo

Consultancy / B2B

Current Goals

  • Work less
  • Capture emails